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Make katsina or kachina dolls and masks. Decorate with fabric, felt, feathers, cotton balls, beads and other household items. The kachina mask representations are presented both as finished color book drawings and in basic face format so children can create their own mask decorations using colorful feathers, cloth, beads, etc., or print and color the ears, feathers and other symbols provided in the parts section.

The purpose of "Paper Kachina Masks for Young Children" is to provide an overview of kachina art and culture in the hopes of piquing the interests of young children to learn more about Southwestern Native American Hopi Pueblo arts, crafts and culture.

As with any cultural folk art, kachina masks have changed over the years and may no longer resemble the old style many of which are represented in this web site. In the Hopi religion there are over 400 kachina types. This site contains approximately 100 kachina types.

Southwest Native American Kachina Dolls and Masks

These masks are artistic interpretations based upon historic artworks by native Americans and presented as factually accurate as possible through many months of research and travel. The artwork in this site is for educational purposes and not drawn to scale or complete accuracy. Children are encouraged to visit the Native American resources listed in the resources and references page to determine appropriate colors and decorations for each type of mask.

Kids and adults color books & crafts. These Kachina masks and designs are also useful for embroidery, needle point, scroll saw and other personal and not-for-profit craft activities.

Make a Hopi-theme Kachina doll or mask. November is Native American Heritage month. Most images in "Paper Kachina Masks 

for Young Children" are based upon historic, government and educational artistic renditions of kachina dolls and other art works on display in national public parks, museums and in historical reference material freely available to the public. Many records of kachina masks and costumes date as far back as the late 1800's.