Deer damage

Do you have information on best practices to prevent neighborhood deer damage to landscaping?Would it be helpful for developers to install tall black chain link fence between adjacent woods an neighborhood lots to keep deer out?Deer would then only be able to enter th development via roads. We’re looking to build in a new development and wonder if taller fencing would improve landscaping quality. Thank you in advance for your advice. Jeannette (and Kaz) Kozajda


Johnson CountyIowaabout 1 hour ago

cherry trees

My wife want to grow some cherry trees seeds, so if you will kind enough clarify the points below.Why do we graft cherry trees. 1 is to increase hardiness & disease resistance?2 to maintain fruit quality as from the mother tree?3 to control tree size and vigor?Kind RegardsJorgen


Outside United Statesabout 2 hours ago


How can I get a Hydrangea PLANTED LAST YEAR TO GROW FULLER?tHE LEAVES are small and it is not producing flowers in June.


Oakland CountyMichiganabout 3 hours ago

Poison Ivy removal

My partner tried to dig out our poison Ivy "very carefully" but still brushed a leaf and suffered a nasty outbreak on his skin.If I use Bayer Brush Killer with Triclopyr by CAREFULLY painting on leaves on a still, warm day, will it damage root systems of other trees and shrubs it may touch underground? the poison is absorbed?This product professes to kill Poison Ivy.But we do not want to stress or harm other beneficial plants or trees.Many thanks!


Washington CountyMinnesotaabout 3 hours ago

Sad hydrangea

I got this fellow about 6 weeks ago from Als in Sherwood.He’s in shade near other hydrangeas which seem to be doing fine (see 3rd image).But this one just looks pale and unhappy (first 2 images).Is he just unhappy with transplant or needing more sun?Thanks!



Clackamas CountyOregonabout 3 hours ago

Tree dropping leaves

We noticed this morning that a tree in our yard had suddenly dropped what appears to be 100’s of leaves. We think it’s some type of oak. We looked at some of the leaves and they have tiny brown spots. The tree looks otherwise healthy. What could be the cause?



Howard CountyMarylandabout 3 hours ago

What cover crop to plant in raised bed

Hi, I have three raised beds, each 6 x 3. What's the best cover crop to plant in the fall?


Multnomah CountyOregonabout 3 hours ago

Mold in soil

I put a quality bedding soil in my raised bed at the start of the season.We had weeks of rain after.When I went to plant the top layer was hard with a crust of white threads running through it.Also a lot of mushrooms growing in it.I planted in it, and plants seem ok.Do I need to do anything to correct the soil?


Columbia CountyOregonabout 3 hours ago

Leaf lesions on Tibetan cherry tree

My neighbor asked me what this was and what to do about it.



Douglas CountyOregonabout 4 hours ago

Hoya plant

I have a Hoya plant that blooms every year and is gorgeous.It develops a yellow insect that looks like an aphid.Would you have any advice on how to get rid of the aphid?


San Mateo CountyCaliforniaabout 4 hours ago

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