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“Responsible Automotive Service and Repair”“Responsible Automotive Service and Repair”


The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC
The Organic Mechanic in Asheville, NC

The Organic Mechanic is working to develop a new, more conscientious mindset in the automotive repair industry in Asheville. Not only are we striving to comply with all suggested EPA standards, but we are actively pursuing new and innovative shop procedures that challenge the status quo. We seek out new products that exceed the "standard" and look to the future of car repair. Reducing our impact on the environment is a top priority. It's clear that we can't keep following our current road. Maybe one day all mechanics will be just a little bit more organic.

We provide a 24-month, 24,000-mile Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty to our customers that covers both Parts AND Labor.


Located in the Asheville area, we service the following communities: Swannanoa, Black Mountain, Weaverville, Mars Hill, Marshall,Biltmore Forest,Fairview,Bent Creek,Avery Creek,Cantonand surrounding areas.


At The Organic Mechanic we provide all the services, repairs and maintenance your vehicle needs. Some of the automotive services and repairs we provide include:

We specialize in keeping your vehicle safe and reliable with routine maintenance, service and repairs. Read more about our Automotive Services

Our Auto Mechanics in Asheville, NC

The Organic Mechanic hires trained technicians and automotive mechanics in the Asheville, NC area who are willing to stay on top of the latest technology in the automotive industry through ongoing schools and training. The shop takes pride in being up to date, clean and as efficient as possible to get your car, truck or SUV in and out as quickly as possible. Read more about our Staff and Mechanics.

The Destination Guide nominates The Organic Mechanic as its Best Eco-Friendly Business in Asheville

"The Destination Guide has just named Charley Wilson, and the Organic Mechanic as our Best Eco-Friendly Business In Asheville, NC. Can you believe it, an Automobile repair shop that is actually taking the time to be Eco-conscious!"

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