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Precision Simulator 10 (PSX) is a stand-alone flight and systems trainer for professionals - and for everyone interested in professional operations.

Run a flight deck mockup by feeding several monitors through multimonitor graphic cards or through networked computers, or run a single computer for solo training. Or network any combination that suits your needs. Panels can be zoomed, panned, divided.

Precision Simulator models the combi, freighter, passenger, and ER variants of the B744 series, and many selectable airline options.

Includes instructor screens . World-wide navigation database, global weather model, random traffic . Simulates over 500 malfunctions . Has all EFIS and standby instruments . Complete dual FMC model with FANS-1 . CDU standby navigation . Smooth A/T, autopilot, F/D; exact mode logic . Flight control system logic, ratio changers; realistic, fine-tuned aerodynamics model . Accurate GE, PW, RR performance models . IRS, GPS, weather radar, navaid antenna effects . Comprehensive EICAS, EGPWS, TCAS, PWS etc. . Communications, ACARS, CPDLC, Voice-ATC, ATIS, PNF etc. . Electrical CBs, all distribution busses, supplying over 1000 simulated relays and devices with individual voltage-amperage modeling . Detailed fuel system with 2003-revision . Dynamic hydraulic and pneumatic pressure models . Ice and rain protection . and thousands of other features.
Multimonitor network

Download a preview of the Operations Manual;
the preview shows about 50% of the aircraft related chapters,
and all of the chapter Simulator Handling.

Demo videos:
Alpha version demo
Final version demo No. 1
Final version demo No. 2

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