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Friday, April 24, 2020

Saturday, January 4, 2020


When I was selling a ton of throw-away items on eBay about 7 years ago, I considered doing that full-time.  I needed two things: one, a steady stream of products to sell, and two, lower my costs on shipping.  The shipping was killing me.  On that latter score, Bill Myers provides some excellent direction.  He writes
The way to get shipping costs down is to try to sell only itemsthat can be sent in poly mailers and buy first-class parcel rate postage online(I buy via PayPal
You canfind affordable poly mailers online from many sites including
For DVDs,CDs, tapes, books and newspapers, buy 'media mail'. For everything less than 16ounces, ship first class. 
Here are the Postal Rates on varying pieces.  
Schedule a pick-up from the Post Office.

Here are the TOP-SELLERS
TOP-SELLERS in PET SUPPLIES.  This was a successful product.  Her sales exceeded $10,000/month.  Go figure.  Finding products where you can earn $10,000/month.  
Bill Myers winding down.  
Experiment selling on Amazon.  
Deals & News
Thrift Store Flipping for Fun & Profit.  

Adian Booth.  Ugh.
4 Ways to Earn $1,000/month.  Right.  

Support.  Getting started with your new account.  

Tom Woods' Happy Earner.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Tom Woods recommends Sanebox Email Management tool to, well, manage the overload of emails we get each day.  Fine.  But are there other Email Management systems/tools that do the same thing, or better, for free?  

Steve Dotto does compare one feature of Sanebox to Gmail's Tabs.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019


Here are the TOP SELLING ITEMS ONAMAZON FOR UNDER $50.  This is a set of terms that I can use to search at Amazon, courtesy Sandeep, an Amazon rep. 
Pharmapacks is a Bronx-based online shopping store.  What I want to know are--what are the top selling stores on Amazon?  
A pool for kids is $25.  
Family inflatable pool, $24.  
Is there a way to tell how many of an item have sold?  
A LOL beach ball sells or $11.  
Women's Casual Pocket Long Dress, $24.  
Yoga Pants, Tummy Control, $19.  

Turns out that Amazon does not show the number of units sold for books.  You can find that at Publisher's Weekly, but I wonder--what about other items sold on Amazon--can you find out how many of another product is sold?
Skip McGrath recommends Jim Cockrum's Silent Sales Machine.  Skip also recommends Jim's Offline Biz Program.  This just seems odd to me that Skip, who touts himself as the Amazon and eBay guru would be directing people to Jim.  I know that Jim is successful and does help people.  I've heard that from reputable people. 

Next, Skip points you to Chris Malta, who runs an eBay radio station?  Go figure.  He writes
Myfriend Chris Malta, who is the Product Sourcing editor for eBay Radio, offers aprogram called Worldwide Brands. For a one-time fee, Chrisgives you a directory of actual manufacturers and true master distributors whohave all been contacted in advance and have agreed to drop ship for eBay andsmall internet sellers.
So it looks like Chris Malta's site is the world's largest drop shipper directory.  That could be helpful.  It costs $279.
One ofmy best-selling books of all time has been and continues to be, How to Sell Used Books on Amazon and eBay.Peter Valley has written several books about Amazon but his latest one is agreat companion to my book. His latest book is all about sourcing books for lowcost or even for free: I know a lot about sourcing books, but Peter’s book, Book Sourcing Secrets taught meseveral things I didn’t know and really opened my eyes to new ways to source. Book Sourcing Secrets is a highlycomplete and is undoubtedly the largest and most in-depth guide to sourcingused books cheaply to sell for huge profits on eBay and/or Amazon.
Okay, Skip lists a couple of Liquidation sources.  The prices here may even beat Alibaba.  Problem is that the links to Robert Cyr's resources are dead.  This is the second in as many links from Skip's site that I've found dead.  
Buyingand selling liquidation products is a great way to earn large profits as youcan buy some of these items at prices as low as 20% of the normal wholesaleprice. But the problem is this market is fraught with perils and unscrupulousoperators.
The Liquidator’s Guide by Robert Cyris an excellent resource and includes his Black Book of industry suppliers anddirect sources. So if that marketplace interests you, check out The Liquidator’s Guide.
Sadly, from what I can tell, it looks like McGrath is simply changing the window dressing on his site and ignoring material resources that clients might want to buy and that could help them.  It looks like Jim Cockrum has grown into the key Amazon and eBay go-to guy.  

KINDLE PUBLISHING, KDP, or Kindle Direct PublishingJim has a course for this too

Okay, here Skip delivers on another source, Second Office, a virtual assistant outfit in the Philippines.  
Do you need help creating eBay and/orAmazon listings? Or how about help with creating copy of blog posts. I use acompany in the Philippines called 2nd Office.
Many of their workers are graduates ofUS Universities. They do very good work and the fees are far less than youwould pay in the US or Canada. 
Skip offered Vendio, but again his link to the site was dead.  What is going on, Skip?  So it sounds like Vendio handles fulfillment of orders placed on either Amazon or eBay.   

Skip recommends using My Corporation for setting up an LLC.

Custom Mugs are not cheap.  They're a good, money-making price.  Trick is to sell enough of them.  

Saturday, April 20, 2019


What businesses in town might benefit from videos like these?  Thank you, Bill Myers.  

Sunday, December 16, 2018


  • The Complete eBay Marketing System - Normal Price $147.00 - Sale Price $88.20 This is our flagship eBay training product and it comes with free US shipping.
  • The eBay Consignment Business Manual - Normal Price $27 - Sale Price $16.20 (Updated in January 2018)
  • Ten Little-Known Highly Profitable Niche Markets on eBay - Normal Price $27 - Sale Price $16.20(Updated 2017)
  • As many of you know who have been following me for a while - I have never been a big fan of pay-per-click advertising. However, that changed when I discovered the Ignite Program from Seller Labs. Since signing up with ignite, my advertising-connected sales have skyrocketed. Ignite is easy to use and learn and their support is excellent.
    The other program I am having huge success with is KiblyKibly is a program that helps build your feedback quickly and increase product reviews. Since signing up with them my feedback is growing much faster and I have increased my product reviews substantially.


So there's Text Fairy.  Bill also recommended CamScanner.