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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Importance Of A CGMA Certification For Your CPA

Those who endeavor to earn their CGMA title have
decided to commit to a system of financial integrity
and fiscal responsibility that greatly benefit business.
The CGMA certification is a honor that can be bestowed on a Certified Public Accountant who passes the stringent qualifying exam.

The designation was the merger between the London based Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and  the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and was created to foster an understanding of the  vital  role accounting and financial institutions play in world economics.  The institutions also wanted to set in place a universally accepted quality gradient for an ever growing economically assimilated world.

The CGMA will also be heralded as something of a gold standard that small to  large companies can towards for when seeking business services.  This means that when a client utilizes the services of a CPA or CFO who has a CGMA designation, they can rest assured that:
  • The accountant has passed a strict qualifying exam that is backed by AICPA-CIMA, two of largest financial governing bodies in the world.
  • One can rest assured that CPA'S  and other certified accounting and business managers with the CGMA certification have to adhere to required codes of ethics and conduct.
  • People who earned this certification take their jobs seriously and thus, will attempt to provide customers with top notch financial services.
CFO Ghassan Ghraizi received
the CGMA designation.
ATLANTA, GA (FEB  2011)  

In other words, those who endeavor to earn their CGMA title have decided to commit to a system of financial integrity and fiscal responsibility that greatly benefit business.

Ghassan R. Ghraizi of GBC SERVICES LLC has taken a step towards that level of care and commitment by recently earning his Chartered Global Management Accountant designation.

Contact GBC SERVICES, LLC., today to learn more about the services they provide for companies like you.


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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Time to Outsource your Accounting Services is NOW.....

Don't wait until the last minute to
outsource your business accounting services.

When running a business, not only must you focus on the sales and marketing to grow and expand,  but it is very important to make sure the book keeping is well managed. Many business owners choose to manage their own accounting services with a mind set to save money, but there are a few benefits to having a local accounting service such as GBC Atlanta Tax Services.

As a business owner, the #1 factor is finding time to manage all of your daily task. When outsourcing your finances, you are benefiting from an outside source of knowledge. You will have 24/7 access to a reputable financial advisor and a expert accountant will be there when it counts by providing the following:
  • Complete your bookkeeping/invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Provide end of the month/year financial report
Typically when you hire a tax accountant, they will charge more for the hourly rate due to your book of business being mis-managed. A tax accountant would spend more time piecing together the financial facts which cuts into your wallet.
Outsourcing your accounting for your business will also cut down on tax preparation fees. 
Transferring your business accounting to a local accounting service company such as GBC Atlanta Tax Services would have your business files up to date and in order, charging less of a fee when filing your small business taxes.

By outsourcing your accounting services, as a business owner you will have more time on your hands. Right now is the time to focus more on your sales and growth.

Time is extremely valuable as a business owner, so outsourcing your account services is vital to the growth of your company.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GBC Tax Accountants Have An A+ BBB Rating - Why That Helps You and Your Small Business

GBC Tax Accountants understand your
money is yourlifeline and treat it as such.
One wouldn’t trust a doctor or mechanic with an unreliableor inconsistent reputation, whyshould an accountant be any different? 

You work hard to take care of your family, your business and accumulate savings for a rainy day.

A very successful business owner knows that the key to success is in hiring the right men and women to do the job. With over over 30 years combined experience to draw from GBC Services LLC of Atlanta are the go-to companies for financial management and accounting. GBC boasts a tremendous library of information and resources that can assist small to mid-sized companies with their Human Resource, budget assessment, bookkeeping, and tax preparation needs.

At GBC, the focus is on the individual. 

We take a personal approach by sitting down with you to learn just what it is you are looking for and why.

A reputable accountant can help your moneygrow and protect cultivated assets.  Theycan also make decisions that devastate you financially.

To that end, one should make sure that the CPA you areconsidering  is listed with the Better Business Bureau.  When it comes toconsumer protection, the  BBB is the goldstandard.  Annually, the Better Business Bureau investigates hundreds of businesses to see if they are trustworthy orhave a large number of consumer complaints. Those with black marks do not get listed or have extremely low rankings.

At GBC Services, LLC., we  understand your money is yourlifeline and treat it as such.  This iswhy we have complete transparency as well as state of the art accounting servicesthat can help you manage your money and keep it safe.  

Our CPAs are well trained, and ourcommitment to ethical and fair business practices is second to none.In a frightening business and economic climate, knowledge ispower.  The BBB can provide you withthat.

Call GBC Income Tax Services today at 678-366-9232 for all your tax and IRS needs!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Save Time And Money by utsource Your Payroll Services

Payroll management is a time-consuming activity,
removing this burden can allow your employees
to focus on more productive items.
There are numerous benefits to hiring an accounting firm offering payroll services in Atlanta that many small businesses may not be aware of.

While on the surface it appears that doing payroll, taxes and other accounting-related services yourself saves money, in reality, this simply may not be the case.

At GBC Payroll of Atlanta, we provide both large and small companies with the accounting tools they require to keep their business running smoothly.

You don’t have to command a league of thousands to find yourself in need of payroll management services.  With skilled professionals at your disposal, you can be assured our expert team of financial consultants will happily assist you with the customization of payroll reports, time sheet filings, and federal and state tax reporting.

 Our job is to relieve you of the day to day burdens associated with payroll processing.

GBC Payroll saves you time and money by providing you a full and accurate payroll service with exceptional customer assistance, low cost preparation, and timely filing of federal, state, and local payroll taxes. We handle your tax deposits and payroll paperwork electronically which frees you of the worries regarding penalties and late fees.

If a good portion of your day is spent taking care of time-consuming enterprises like bookkeeping, ledger balancing, and employee worksheet maintenance........


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Find GBC Services Atlanta Tax Accountants On LinkedIn - Make A Connection

Finding the right certified public accountant for your company’s crucial tax preparation and accounting needs is essential to maintaining a tax compliant status. Rely on the superior accounting experts at GBC Tax Services to get the job done, on time, every time.

GBC Tax Services of Atlanta‘s reliable accounting practices allows your onsite accounting staff to focus on other critical aspects of running your business. This in turn will increase employee productivity, assisting in the goal of greater profit turnover. GBC Tax Services can also be integrated into your current accounting procedures, with cost-effective payroll packages that further decrease company workloads.

Ghassan R. Ghraizi
Team Leader at GBC Services,  LLC.,
Atlanta, Georgia (Greater Atlanta Area) | CPA

Currently leading financial operations at GBC SERVICES, LLC.,  Ghraizi's experience  is varied and extensive.  This fact is perhaps what lends to his talent in providing superior service in the realms of business oriented finance  and human resources  database management.

With such an impressive, well documented work history, there is very little doubt that Ghassan Ghraizi has the knowledge and know how to help clients get the most out of their accounting experience.

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For All Your Accounting Needs Call GBC 678-366-9232

Atlanta Georgia Income Tax Preparation,
With GBC Services income tax preparation services, you can rest assured that your taxes will be done right and on time every time.

READ MORE about his experience and skill set:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Capital Gains In Your Retirement Accounts

Information about capital gains can be kept in
various ways accurately and efficiently.
When in doubt, ask your tax advisor!
It’s likely that you’ve had some capital gains. 

Most of the information about capital gains comes from brokerage firms where you keep your investments; but, your capital gains in your retirement accounts are generally not reported unless you've started receiving distributions from them. Other information comes directly from you, the taxpayer.

Keep in mind the following facts:

? The tax rates on capital gains are less than the tax rate on ordinary income. Most commonly, they range from a maximum of 15% to zero. There are special types of capital gains that are taxed at 25% or 28%.

? You can take a net capital loss on your tax return, but that loss can only reduce ordinary income, like your wages, by $3,000, and losses in excess of that amount are carried forward to the following year. Married taxpayers filing separately are limited to $1,500 per year.

? Net capital losses that exceed the annual limit are carried forward to the following year and treated as if incurred in that year.

There are other technical details that might only interest your tax advisor, but here’s what the IRS expects:

1. Anything you own, whether it’s for business, for pleasure, or for investment purposes, is subject to capital gains tax. Everything.

2. You must report all capital gains.

3. You cannot deduct and therefore do not report capital losses on property held for personal use.

As the summer heats up and you decide to get rid of the collectibles piling up in your garage or in some rented storage place, as long as you don't make a profit from selling your stuff, there's little chance that the IRS will audit your failure to report your yard-sale operation; but, just remember that the IRS can.

Atlanta Georgia Income Tax Preparation,
With GBC Services income tax preparation services, you can rest assured that your taxes will be done right and on time every time.

READ MORE about his experience and skill set:

Call GBC Income Tax Services today at 678-366-9232 for all your tax and IRS needs!


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