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We are happy you have chosen to stop by our site and to check out what our ministry used to be in Togo.  Please visit the various pages on this website to get a slight glimpse of all that the Lord has allowed us to be involved with.  We are Stateside due to being diagnosed with Parkinson's Plus.  This has allowed us to be on disability wth the added dementia which has caused us to be Stateside.  Please sign in with our guest book.  This gives us the opportunity to know who has stopped by our site.  This will also allow us to update you on events that take place in our lives as well as give us an opportunity to keep in touch with you and provide you with emergency information for prayer request should that become necessary.  We would love to hear from you if you have further questions or are interested in missions.



West Africa's Smiles

Some of the pictures included in this website (like this one and others in our photo gallery) were taken by our resident professional photographer, Judy Bowen (www.tellofHiswonders.com).  If you would be interested in purchasing some of her beautiful work to help her ministry, please contact her (via her website) for more details.  Judy has a beautiful album for sale along (with many of her albums for kids, they make a wonderful Christmas gift) with many of these pictures in them.  We are sure you would like this for your coffee table.

If you would like to see more, click here.

If you would like to see more, check out our Togo Website for more information.


Two of Satan's greatest attacks on those with a heart for missions are discouragement and disunity.  Rachel Sias compiled various quotes and sayings into a daily calendar entitled "Encouragement for the Missions Heart".  Our prayer as well as her prayer is that you will also look on the multitudes and your heart will be broken with the compassion and have a love that the Lord Jesus had for us.    Glenn Repple has agreed to provide us with Thought from Glenn via Togo in place of Rachel's calender and we hope and pray it will be a blessing to you, and we would encourage you to daily check this out.  We would also like to encourage you to check out our regular giving section to learn more of how to be an encouragement to your missionaries.


Who is A.B.W.E.?  We would like to encourage you to take a look at their website.  You can do this by clicking on A.B.W.E.
Would you like to read the Message (A.B.W.E.'s official magazine).  You can do so by clicking on the Message.



Would you like more information about Togo?  allAfrica.com is a good source for this information.  Another good source of quick information is African Travel Guide.  However, please be aware that we may not be in agreement with all contents of these sites.  You can also get information from the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Togo Embassy's location.  If you can read French, Togo Presse may be what you would like to read.  Have you ever wondered what time it is in Togo or what the weather is in Togo.  Have you ever thought about traveling to Togo, Travel Document Systems can give you lots of information.  Different travel agencies will be willing to help as needed: Best Mission TravelMenno Travel.

TheSimpleDollar.com has updated their Best Travel Credit Card for 2016. The guide profiles travel-reward based credit cards and highlights their benefits for those traveling for business and/or leisure. The guide also breaks down what type of traveler each card best suits as well "savvy traveler" tips that can be leverage to help reduce a cost of a trip. I thought this could be a good fit on your site along with all the helpful resources you already have.
You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here: 
Because of our unbiased, data-driven approach, we’ve been a trusted source for educational institutions and business organizations throughout the US. We are also proud to be one of Google’s Experts! Many publications and businesses already use our guides as resources for their readers. Here are a few examples:
3. Beyond Adventure Travel, http://beyondadventure.ca/?page_id=140, listing us as “The Simple Dollar: Travel Credit Cards And You”
Team for Web


Stop by our Togo Website and see who our colleagues are.

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