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Book Drop Open:Please Return Your Items
If you have library items out that are overdue, now is the time to return them. We have 24-hour book drops by both entrances. Starting July 1st, overdue fines will begin to accrue once again. Because of the pandemic, we have been waiving all overdue fines since March; but the temporary fine amnesty will come to an end at the end of June. Please return your overdue library items in one of our book drops by the end of June.
Curbside Service Resumes
Curbside Service Hours
Starting Monday, May 11th,we are once again offering curbside service during the afternoons.
Book Donation Day
The Friends will be taking donations of used books in good condition on Saturday, June 20th from 1-3pm
Ohio Digital Library
Are you stuck at home with nothing to do?Your Galion Public Library card gains you access to theOhio Digital Library, a huge collection of electronic books, audiobooks, and other materials.Get them on your computer, phone, tablet, ebook reader, or other device.
COVID-19 Recommendations
The CDC has specific recommendations of basic precautions you can take.